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RB Sugbo is the proponent of Rooster Biotech

Rooster Biotech, or game fowl bio technology, is a holistic approach that takes into consideration the development and interrelationships of the soil, plants, microorganism and the chickens that thrive on the system.


The Why

Why is it better to have different sizes and designs for your conditioning pens? Why put the rooster in the scratch box? Why kahig is a good exercise? Why active rest?...Kamana Rey Bajenting explains not just the how, but the why so you will know the reason for every activity in conditioning the game fowl for battle…. Don’t miss. View this video…

BLAKIZ IN DR BUNAN's BOOK. Dr. Andrew Bunan, the leading authority in game fowl genetics, in his new book Lihim sa Pagbuo ng Sariling Linyada (2nd edition) mentions the blakliz as one of truly Filipino bloodlines formed by some of the country's good breeders. 

The list of of original Filipino bloodlines is in the author's introduction on page 4. A photo of breeder Rey Bajenting of RB Sugbo holding a blakliz occupies most of page 5.

Join MANA'S Gamevitz Suregain Club. 

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The library at Suregain Club promises to be a well stocked one with dozens if not hundreds of E-books, E-pamphlets and articles on the game fowl. The collection will include a number of brand new publications that will be exclusively available to members.

Our Reason for Being

Measured against the eternity, our time on earth is just a blink of an eye. But the consequence of it will last forever. The deeds of this life are destiny of the next? --- Rick Warren in his book the Purpose Driven Life.

The above quotation  is in dedication to a friend who passed away some years ago. Ernesto Erning Panuncillo. He was instrumental to the mission-vision of RB Sugbo chicken venture. He had repeatedly told me: Breed for the common sabungeros, the ordinary cockers and small time breeders who have neither the access nor the means to acquire expensive fowl. And, don't just sell them chickens, also afford them technology. . . .   Continue reading click here.

Fowl pre-sold

Our fowl are pre-sold to our regular clients. Others interested in our bloodlines may instead contact our mass production farm,  Scorpion Ox .... 0947-991-8780.